Bob Cairone Fine Art - Events

Upcoming Events in 2017

Accepted Shows and Fairs

May 27-28: Barrington Art Festival, Barrington, IL 60010

130 artists on the streets of downtown, this will be my first outdoor show. Come see me in my tent! Come early and help me set up.

June 10-11: Promenade of Art, Arlington Heights, IL 60005

I've always enjoyed attending this show as a patron.

July 15-16: South Port Art Festival, Chicago, IL 60022

My first urban show, so come be part of the crowds!

August 18-20: Evanston Art and Big Fork Festival, Evanston IL 60201

A three day event filled with Art and a sampling of the local dining fare.

Applied Shows and Fairs

I will be applying for the Art in the Barn show, the Art at the Dole fair, and perhaps the Willow Creek show. Wish me luck!

Past Shows and Fairs

March 5: Affair ot the Arts Spring Show, Spring Grove, IL 60081

A small indoor show, up Route 31 just shy of the Wisconsin border, at a venue called The Shores of Turtle Creek. It was my first show, and many old friends and some new attended. THanks to all who came and stopped to look and chat.

This was a small, intimate show, and an excellent introduction into the mechanics of these events. I learned a lot, and will use the information to make future shows better.

Affair of the Arts Booth Shot

The artist and his works