Karen's Plant Pages

Welcome to Karen's Plant Pages.

I've been a houseplant enthusiast since I was a teenager.  Over the years, the number of houseplants I have owned and cared for has waxed and waned.  But no matter what, no matter where; from my mom's home, to college, to places shared with others, to my own home, I've always had at least a few plants.  Right now, the number stands at around three hundred.  Even though I garden outdoors as well, and enjoy it greatly, my heart belongs to my houseplants.

I cannot even say why, for certain.  I definitely appreciate plants for their aesthetic beauty.  I enjoy caring for them, nurturing them.  I take great joy in watching them grow and develop, and am saddened when they don't do well.  But none of that really captures the deep affinity I have with plants.  I am not a spiritual person in any conventional sense, yet when I am surrounded by plants I feel I have found my place in the universe.  I feel connected.

In the pages to follow, I will be sharing pictures of my favorite plants, some information about them, and maybe a growing tip or two. Click the gallery button on the left for an idea of what to expect.  I'm sure I will have many updates in the days and weeks to come.