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For the moment, no news is good news.

Two New Orchids

9/20/2016 Apparently I've been slack about keeping up this page. In the interval, two orchid painting have been finished, the Cymbidium and a Miltoniopsis. Both can be seen on my Still Life page. This is the second and third of my orchid series, with more to follow.

Oncidium Orchid

4/15/2016 Just finished another painting, "Orchid 1 - Oncidium ", which can be seen on my Still Life page. You can expect a series of paintings from the Orchid family.


3/15/2016 Just finished another painting, which can be seen on the Wildlife gallery page.

Happy Pi Day

3/14/16 This is "Round it up" pi day, using the common approximation 3.1416.

World Freethinkers Day

1/29/2016 I celebrate this day, which coincides with the birthday of American patriot Thomas Paine (b 1737). It promotes the appreciation of "the freedom of expression, freedom of conscience, and the freedom to seek truth and challenge dogmas, including ones own." Quote from the facebook page.

Happy New Year

1/1/2016 There is an old apocryphal Chinese curse, "May you live in interesting times." 2015 has certainly been that, and the new year is likely to be no different. Wishing it to be the best of interesting times.

Happy Holidays

12/21/2015 Whether you celebrate Christmas or Hannukah or the Winter Solstice (fill in any other reason to party), we wish you the best of the times.

Happy Thanksgiving

11/26/2015 Happy Thanksgiving to family and friends everywhere.

General Announcement

11/19/2015 The obvious news is that this website is going back up. It will be under construction for awhile.