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My goal is to expand the use of embedded processors and integrated software applications in quality products that will improve the corporation's profitability and the consumer's quality of life.  I also strive to create a productive working environment and to advance the state of the art of software developmen, test, and management in the process of bringing those projects to completion.  To accomplish these goals takes a positive outlook and constructive interaction with management and other team members.



My previous experience has given me the opportunity to become proficient in several different areas, from the development of telecommunications infrastructure to image processing, manufacturing improvements, radar systems and biotechnology applications. I have been able to perform well in these diverse fields in part thanks to the high quality of my scientific education.  Also, I've found every project I've worked on interesting and with it's own unique challenges. My attitude is that computers is not simply what I do for a living, it's what I do with my life.

This site also contains limited descriptions of some of the projects I've worked on and how I've contributed to them. Click on the Project Histories button to the left to see this information.  Or, use the following buttons to explore some of my other interests. In addition to the historical and technical content, these are typical examples of how I generally explain things and express myself.

My current resume can be viewed online.  It can also be downloaded as a Microsoft Word document or as a plain text file.

References available upon request.

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